Monday, January 28, 2013

my kitchen garden :-)

Assalamualaikum n g moniwnkkk :-)

alhamdulilLah, today is a happy day n a bit unhappy. hihi. happy sbb dpt tuai bendeiii n chillies from my small garden. kangkung is about to grow, cant harvest yet. i ve 2 pots of kangkung oredy alhamdulilLah. satu bekas utk 2nd time tuai. satu lg baru semai. yeayy yippie yippie alhamdulilLah.

the a bit unhappy plok bcos, bendei tu tuai yg dh tua sob sob sob. pity me, i dnt know when is d right time to harvest bendei, ropenya it is 4 days after flowering. new knowledge btw, smileee :-)

some pics from my kitchen garden. kangkung tu dh tuai lama, br letok gambo.

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